Kitchen Rug Ideas | Here’s How To Find The Right One

kitchen rug ideas

Your kitchen is more than likely one of those spots that require two trains of thought when decorating; practical durability, and an attractive addition to your home – and neither one should go overlooked. After all, your kitchen is one of the most commonly used and seen rooms in your home. But how do you find the right kitchen rug ideas for your needs? And what makes them viable?

Just like with your living room, your kitchen is more than likely considered the heart of your home and it receives just as much traffic. Sure, you might think a kitchen rug will receive a lot of wear and tear and everyday damage while not giving your home the feel of a luxurious kitchen design. But, in fact, that’s far from reality as there are plenty of kitchen rug ideas you can pair with your kitchen floor to transform this cherished part of your home into the comforting and attractive destination you always envisioned it to be.

That said, kitchen rugs have come a long way from being purely practical and less aesthetically pleasing. So, if you are searching for the hottest trends in modern kitchen rug design, you are in the right place as we surveyed Décor Aid interior designers for what it takes to find the right kitchen rug for any space. To find out more, read along to discover kitchen rug inspiration you can’t do without taking cues from.

Kitchen rug ideas with vibrant colors

brightly colored kitchen rug ideas

Since most kitchen cabinets are in a soothing palette-cleansing white or finished with neutral paint colors, they can make your kitchen feel a tad plain and quiet. Hence, the need to introduce bolder colors and patterns via your kitchen rug for extra depth and visual play.

By doing so, this will allow you to bring in a vibrant kitchen rug with colors and patterns that can help you instantly redefine your kitchen with ease. Even better is the fact that color and pattern are great for concealing everyday spills and stains, and since a kitchen rug can be small and inexpensive, it is also easy to switch out as seasons and trends change.

Use a padded rug in your kitchen area

padded kitchen rug ideas

Ever stand laboriously cooking and cleaning in your kitchen all day only to have aching feet at the end? Well, if that’s the case, it sounds like a padded kitchen rug or one with padding underneath might just be calling your name. Padding is also extremely important if you have elderly family members or young children in your home that have free reign in the kitchen.

A padded kitchen area rug will prevent falls as it comes with built-in resistance while adding comfort as you work away. A padded kitchen rug will also help to reduce the pressure on your back as you stand while cooking. For mutually beneficial kitchen area rug ideas, be sure that you place them around your sink and stove area or anywhere else where water is usually spilled and where you work to avoid slipping.

Let it blend in with your existing kitchen floor

kitchen rug ideas 2019

Regardless of your kitchen floor type, if you are looking for a new kitchen area rug, consider one with a style that pairs well with your existing flooring and cabinetry for a seamless feel. This makes for a great way to bring in kitchen rug decorating ideas that won’t clash with your kitchen floor or your existing kitchen cabinetry. If you have bright colors and details in your kitchen, ensuring that your kitchen rug has a neutral tone will keep the look distraction and clash-free paired with the feel of your kitchen.

That said, if your kitchen is made more of neutral tones, placing a boldly colored rug in front of your sink can help to brighten up your kitchen and transform its look and feel into a cozy yet energized space that’s well-judged. You can also use a multicolored rug as it will allow you the freedom to switch between different design styles as you please without a major commitment.

Pick the right rug material for your needs

 kitchen rug ideas and materials

After you consider these kitchen rug ideas, it might be time to start thinking about what kind of rug materials will best suit your needs and lifestyle. Note that this is only necessary when you want to ensure everything blends together smoothly. If not, you might want to focus on choosing the best colors and textures and forget about whether it’s woven or in sync with how the rest of your kitchen looks and feels.

For the best rug materials, go for one that is durable and water resistant. And do keep in mind that you can’t prevent water spills on the floor at all times or a sauce container from flying out of the kitchen fridge. But you can make it easier to clean up the mess on a rug when you pick one that is highly resistant to water and stains.

Flatweave kitchen rugs

flat weave kitchen rug ideas

Is your kitchen is always busy every minute of the day (most home kitchens can be as busy as a restaurant)? Then you may want to consider placing a minimal flat weave rug on your kitchen floor. These rugs are usually made with cotton and other fibers that makes cleaning them regularly super easy.

Even if your pet litters on it, all you need is to throw it in the washing machine, and you are good to go. If your pet is fond of chewing on carpets and rugs with its teeth or clawing them away, it might not be so interested in flat weave rugs because they are thinly woven with smaller loops and it will be difficult for them to gnash their claws or teeth into.

Larger loops and thicker weaves

large kitchen rug ideas

If you are searching for kitchen rug ideas Pinterest, then trending rugs with larger loops and weaves might have already caught your attention. Aside from their unexpected scale, design, and texture, they are also ideal for a kitchen with either tile or wooden floors – especially in the winter and during colder seasons.

Rugs with bigger loops will be sure to enhance the look of your kitchen while adding instant warmth, texture, and an endlessly comforting feel. They will also provide you and guests with extra comfort underfoot to prevent you from feeling tired and uncomfortable as you cook and serve guests.

Think safety

safe kitchen rug ideas

You shouldn’t forget safety while searching for the ideal rug for your kitchen since it is a commonly used workspace. This is extremely important if you have polished wood or tile flooring in your kitchen. To prevent frequent slip and falls, be sure that you purchase a rug with a grip-proof layer underneath that won’t slip or move around when you step foot on a wet floor.

If you already have a kitchen rug that does not include this feature, consider getting a rug pad as you can easily find an inexpensive one just about anywhere. Placing a rug pad underneath a kitchen rug will prevent the rug from slipping even if liquid has been spilled on it. Aside from that, a rug pad will also help you keep your rug in place and minimize wear and tear.

Foam standing mats

padded kitchen rug ideas

Foam standing kitchen mats make for a smart alternative to rugs for those in need of serious comfort while working in the kitchen. If you find it difficult to stand on hard floors for a long time, you can rely on foam mats placed either on or under a kitchen rug or directly on the floor.

That said, thick standing mats are not ideal for kitchen rug under table ideas and work best for specific standing positions or for where you are cooking in your kitchen.

Place a kitchen rug under a breakfast table

modern kitchen rug ideas

A kitchen area rug is also great for keeping feet warm and comforted under your breakfast table. Whether you have an open floorplan with an eat-in kitchen or if you’ve got a small breakfast banquette to work with, this take on kitchen rug under table ideas will be sure to work like magic.

Plus you can use an under table rug to transform an open floor kitchen into individual spaces for a more intimate feel. However, do keep in mind that your kitchen rug has to be large enough to ensure that your kitchen rug will remain in place as guests pick up and move chairs to sit. This way you’ll save yourself from an unsightly look that will also age your kitchen rug quicker than it should.

Oriental rugs for the kitchen

oriental kitchen rug ideas

Oriental rugs are a perfect design choice for homeowners looking for classic kitchen rugs that blend perfectly with any decor style, from the traditional to the country-inspired. So if you’re on the hunt for a tried and true feel for your kitchen floor, consider a rich red Oriental or Persian kitchen rug with striking symmetrical patterns.

You can also add more eclectic personality with all kinds of ethnic and tribal-inspired rugs that will lend your kitchen a heady, decadent feel that long be memorable after guests have left. Or you could go for a cowhide or faux fur kitchen rug for a different take on standard kitchen rug ideas that no one else will have in their homes.

Extra large kitchen rugs

large kitchen rug ideas

For the best kitchen rug design ideas no matter the size of the space you have to work with, do go for extra large rugs so that your kitchen feels as warm and comforting as possible. You can place a brightly colored kitchen rug in the middle of a neutral kitchen to make it sing with an inviting and pop vibrant look.

That said, some areas in your kitchen only require a small rug placed squarely in front which works well, however, if you place a kitchen rug directly in the middle of a large area, you’ll end up making the space look awkward and off – so the larger your kitchen rug, the better. And even better if you are able to layer your rugs for even more comfort underfoot.

Break up the feel of monotonous color

beautiful kitchen rug ideas

Are you bored with the “sameness” look shared between your kitchen cabinets and the flooring in the space? You can break up that boring look by going for a festive wool kitchen area rug placed in the middle that boasts plenty of texture and decorative fringe. For instance, if your cabinets and floor are all deep shades of brown, you can pop in a bright red rug to break the look and revitalize the space.

These kitchen rug ideas will not only help you transform the look of your kitchen, but they will do so at a low cost when you buy right. Before you buy a new kitchen area rug, follow these tips so you can enjoy a brand new kitchen feel without having to spend a small fortune or go through an intense and laborious renovation of any kind.

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