Coastal Decor Defined And How To Get The Look At Home

coastal decor decorating

If you’re looking to bring a breezy, airy, and relaxed yet sophisticated energy into your home, coastal home decor may just be the right alluring home design style for you to consider. But what is coastal decor, and how do you bring into your home with ease and authority?

For starters, coastal style is perfect if you like clutter-free surfaces, nautical-inspired flourishes, and enjoy natural finishes with luminescent light bouncing about.

White, blue, gold, natural tones, and of course, stripes, are hallmarks of coastal style and are utilized to create a calm and brilliantly realized space for you to be at your most relaxed in. From beach house vibes to playful nautical themes, coastal style homes are elegant, refined, and quirky all at once. Best of all, you don’t have to live on the water to inject beautiful coastal design into your home with our handy guide to coastal living decorating ideas curated by Décor Aid interior designers.

Here’s everything you need to know to get started:

Main Themes

Simple Color Schemes

coastal decor color palette

Keeping rooms fuss-free, light, and airy are standards for the perfect coastal home decor look. Coastal design features a tight selection of complimentary hues which are to remain consistent throughout the room. Use plenty of white – we’re talking white ceilings, white walls, and white furniture.

Accent throughout with a strong blue or grey to break up the room and lend it depth and visual strength. Also, be sure to make use of neutrals with furnishings and accessories such as rugs, coffee tables, and mirrors. Blues and grays will provide a nice juxtaposition to a room saturated with white while reflecting the calming spirit of coastal interior design with a subtle hint of luxury.

Natural Light

coastal decor home lighting ideas

Do take full advantage of natural light in your approach to modern coastal design and open up windows with sheer ivory drapes and explore ways to let as much natural light in as possible, whenever, wherever.

Unless they’re made of natural wood, swap out heavy blinds to embrace the natural light that floods in. If you don’t have as much natural light as you would like in your room, mirror the suns abundance with gold-framed mirrors – a classic interior design tip for amping up natural light levels.

Natural Materials

coastal decor mid century modern

Because coastal design ideas would be incomplete without natural materials, opt for the real deal rather than synthetics. Wood, cotton, and jute will work to add a touchable sense of luxury to coastal decor while providing a comfortable and cozy energy. Driftwood is a great addition to consider for any coastal home decor idea; in fact, as far as interiors are concerned, coastal design would be incomplete without a piece of on-trend driftwood, even if in the smallest of doses.

Stone works well for bathroom and kitchen flooring (it’s practical as well as stylish) and having the feel of natural stone beneath your feet will make you feel as if you are just stepping onto the beach on holiday.


coast decor decorating tips

Coastal decor ideas are all about pulled-together relaxation; a light and simple color scheme, complemented by natural materials, and plenty of natural light, all working together to help you create a space you can be at ease in. That said, we aren’t suggesting your approach to coastal decor to be clinical – like always, you do need some personality that reflects you and your lifestyle.

In short, just like you would go on a beachside holiday to relax is how you should feel each time you enter a coastal style room. Keeping your coastal design aspiration clutter-free will help with achieving the right feel.

Coastal style homes would be lacking something if there weren’t decorative items that evoke beach finds and frivolity. Think shells and stones collected and displayed along shelves and tables as well as in a large glass vessel, or abstract driftwood perched up on your mantelpiece for a minimalist addition to the mix.

Coastal Interior Design Ideas by Room


coastal decor bathroom ideas

Like any room, a coastal inspired bathroom should be a haven of relaxation, but with a coastal design in mind for your bathroom, achieving the look lies in the rooms interior design foundation and decorative extras. An all-white bathroom will always mark the pinnacle of relaxation; with white wall tiles, white floor tiles, and a white bathroom vanity – you will feel more like you are in a spa than at home.

Easy to install and inexpensive to boot, shiplap has a wonderful earthy coastal feel about it and is easy to manage and clean. But if an all-white bathroom is too much for you, go for white wood paneling and select a light blue-green hue for your walls.

And since every bathroom needs a mirror, go for a circle shape boasting a thin gold metallic frame to channel coastal decor and the windows of a ship sailing away. Reflect natural light with a large mirror above the sink, or a petite nautical style porthole mirror next to your bathtub. And by putting a mirror opposite a window you’ll make the room appear to have another window to gaze out of when soaking in the tub after a long day.


coastal decor bedroom style

A bedroom being another dependable point of relaxation; choose luxurious white bed linens with a high thread count to add a deluxe feel and accent tonal bedding with blue and white or botanical patterned pillows and throws. If you do opt for all white bedding, source a covered headboard with a striped nautical fabrication for balance and to stay subtly on theme.

A white wood bedframe will also work to evoke charming coastal decor. But if you can’t afford new coastal bedroom furniture, consider painting current furnishings white or add coastal design details to what you already have.

Angled rugs will lend this otherwise practical design approach a sense of play and off-kilter ease. To complete the room, select a comfortable occasional chair and place it by a window to create the perfect reading nook boasting natural light.

Kitchen/Dining Room

coastal decor kitchen ideas

A reclaimed wood table is a savvy addition for any coastal inspired kitchen or dining room. A light, sun-bleached look echoes go-to driftwood- but if you already have a wooden kitchen table to work with, try sanding off the current paint or varnish, for a rough and relaxed finish. Pair your table with bright white fabric covered slip chairs or go for communal bench seating for something more informal.

Blue, grey, or white cabinets finished with gold hardware look stunning in nautical kitchens, especially when paired with wooden flooring or white tiles. If you do opt for white kitchen cabinets, introduce color with a French or beachy blue backsplash and copper toned pulls and handles.

And because no coastal kitchen is complete without unique, statement-making lighting, a simple chandelier will do the trick, or for something more modern, bring in a large glass lantern inspired pendant.

Living Room

coastal decor living room design

Your living room is one of your largest and most used common rooms, but how do you inject coastal decorating ideas for living rooms in your home with an authoritative hand without taking the design direction too literally as a theme? Take the look a step further and make luxurious accents and furnishings a prominent feature in your inspired coastal style living room – think soothing blues, sand tones, and ultra-bright white.

White painted floors are a standard coastal decor choice for the living room for good reason as they make any room appear larger, brighter, and often tidier. Another conversation starting coastal interior design idea to consider is to paint chair rail molding, doors, or even an accent wall in a moody yet on theme blue or gray for added depth.

A jute rug can also break up the monotony of an all-white palette while adding an earthy, natural material into the mix as well as much-needed texture. White linen upholstery can also be broken up with blue accents (think a plush white sofa with contrasting vibrant blue printed cushions).

Source white linen curtains to bring in the breeze, and if you need to block out light, consider made to measure white wooden slatted blinds. A glass-topped driftwood coffee table will complete your coastal design living room; doubling as functional art. They also look stunning in both white and natural sun-bleached wood tones.

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