Asian Zen Interior Design – The Best Way To Master It

asian zen interior design

If you’re looking to create a rich take on pared down interior design in your home, taking inspiration from the Asian Zen design style might just be the right direction for you as an Asian zen interior is minimal yet uniquely layered.

Think of a minimalist space furnished with organic materials and filled with natural light. Imagine a space which is light and airy with no clutter filling surfaces and boasting a feeling of openness for the ultimate oasis. An Asian Zen interior such as this should be visually balanced, with plenty of floor space promoting calm and peace. To get you inspired and in the right direction, we turned to our decorators for cues on how to master Asian Zen interior design to satisfy your need for tranquillity.

Calming Color

Asian Zen interior design ideas

Your color palette should be undemanding – it shouldn’t compete for attention or be a distraction from calmness. Whites and soft neutrals are perfect for wall coverings and large pieces of furniture like sofas, in Asian Zen interior design. You can accent with darker colors to add depth to your space, while keeping it calm and relaxing.

While Asian Zen interior design typically exhibits whites, light neutrals, and some dark accents, don’t forget that color has its place too. Add a pop of color here and there in your space; think of the bright colors you see in nature – greens, blues, reds and oranges – envisage the plumage of a brightly colored bird. You don’t want there to be too much color for this style, but a touch here and there will be enough to make your design sing.

Natural Light

Asian Zen interior design

Use of light is paramount in Asian Zen décor. Try and make use of natural light as best you can, by opening up window spaces and allowing as much natural light as possible to flow through your space. If you can’t get as much natural light into the room as you would like, use artificial light which replicates natural light as well as possible.

And do replace traditional switches with dimmer switches so you can increase and reduce the light levels with ease – allowing you to replicate the coming up and going down of the sun – replicating natural light spaces will help your space be as relaxing as possible. Candles are always a relaxing addition to a room and they also make for a nice, zen light source.

Natural Materials

Asian Zen interior design inspiration

Use natural materials wherever possible for Asian Zen décor – this will add to the relaxing vibes and the overall feeling of calm. Natural fibers are comforting and undemanding; choose unbleached fibers and natural hues for rugs and soft furnishings alike.

When choosing flooring, consider bamboo flooring planks, or strip your current planks back to a less obvious finish, keeping the look light and natural. You can even make use of stone flooring, especially in kitchen and bathroom Asian Zen interior decoration.

Clean Lines

Asian Zen interior design guide

In Asian Zen décor, clean lines feature heavily. Squares, rectangles, and circles are prevalent throughout these designs – oozing simplicity, they are immediately recognizable, allowing your mind to focus elsewhere, without having to consider intricate shapes and designs.

Low coffee tables with square legs and block sofas look great in an Asian Zen interior, in-keeping with the simplicity of the rest of the room (if you are feeling really zen, you can opt for cushions on the floor instead of seating). A plain rectangular rug can be home to your seating area and floating shelves can display the small number of items you choose to have on show in your Zen Asian room. Clean lines enable your space to feel calm and alluring, without the noise of irregularity.

Clutter and Pattern

Living room Asian Zen interior design

Clear away as much clutter as possible – get rid of anything you don’t really need and are just keeping for the sake of it – only display a few items here and there. Remove anything attention grabbing; like patterned wallpaper, bold furnishings, loud art, and jazzy statement pieces from your Asian Zen interior.

Keeping your space as minimal as possible will keep you feeling calm and relaxed and will complete the zen look. Going through the process of removing unnecessary items will open up your home to new levels of tranquillity and it’s a calming process in itself – you’ll realize you don’t really need all that clutter around you to make you feel at home. Clearing out clutter is one of the best Asian Zen interior design ideas on a budget; it’s completely free and super effective.

Storage is Crucial

Asian Zen interior design hacks

It’s very difficult to live with an absolutely minimalist lifestyle, without possessions in your home and without any 21st century distractions. You have to be realistic, so storage is key to completing the zen look, as you need plenty of places to stow away bits and pieces, so they aren’t prominent in your Asian Zen interior.

Built-in storage is great for this, as it melts into the background and isn’t immediately obvious (in the way that chests of drawers and wardrobes would be in Asian Zen décor). For the kitchen, go for glossy white cabinets with built in handles, so they blend into the walls. Think Scandinavian vibes for storage made for blending in and not standing out, as well as often being multi-purpose and clever with their storage solutions and perfect for Asian Zen interior decoration.

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